"Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism, aka BDSM has a long history. According to historian Anne O’ Nomis, BDSM began in Mesopotamia, where gods and monsters ruled over human subjects. Goddess Inanna with her jeweled-adorned body and her crown, shimmered and dazzled as she looked down at her human subjects. She induced her followers to perform a dance for her; as the dance intensified, Inanna whipped her followers into a sexual frenzy. The subsequent sexual intercourses created both pleasure and the continuation of Mesopotamia." Skyeler Huntsman

What was your inspiration to get into the adult lifestyle?
My exploration into the adult lifestyle began four years ago and has continued to grow every day since then! My journey started like most, after enabling a narcissistic parasite to feed on my generosity and playing the victim role in a toxic monogamous relationship of 4 years, I finally established healthier boundaries and Separated. one month later I stumbled into Threshold, my home kink dungeon, to see open kinksters topless flogging and playing with each other. At that moment, I took my shirt off and I knew I was home. I felt inspired to live again, feeling such immense Freedom! To the point, I ended up attending lifestyle events every single weekend for a year straight!

I met BlackFox one month into my kink exploration and fell in love. He was open and Poly and had a serious conversation with me about it when we were getting serious with one another. Up till that point, I hadn't known Polyamory was a thing. Again, I found myself feeling Inspired to love again and enter into a dynamic, knowing this time I wouldn't be trapped in the tiny suffocating box of possessive normative monogamy.  Choosing Poly has literally been the best decision I've ever made. I am Poly for Life. We focus on always being open and honest with yourself and never feeling ashamed or inhibited to Communicate those valid thoughts and feelings with your partners.

Why did you choose to be an exotic dancer?
I've been a dancer my whole life, from Cheer and Zumba in high school to Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Blues, Contemporary Dance, and Contact Improv in college. I love working my body out and getting physical. I also love being a flirt and sharing my sexual energy with others. So when my full-time Dog Training job went under due to poor management, my friend planted the Stripper seed in my brain and I loved the idea of dancing again, being able to meet and flirt with new people, and make some cash at the same time! Yes, sign me up! Pole dancing is no joke, my body definitely was not ready when I first began. Challenging my body and mind in learning such a dynamic and dangerous dance lights the fire in my heart space like no other. The moment I knew I was safe was when I lost grip in a tricky move and started to fall. Panicked, I tightened my whole body up, and to my surprise, I had stopped falling. My side and underarm had caught my fall. My back had literally got my own back, what a cool feeling. That's when I truly fell in love with Pole Dancing. 

If you could change anything about your career, what would it be?
Being approached by more serious Inquirers and a little less by time wasters. I take my sex-work very seriously and don't like to have my time or energy played with by folks who aren't serious about the craft. 

What is one misconception about the BDSM lifestyle that you can convince people isn't true?
One misconception many people seem to share about BDSM that isn't true is that "Subs" have less power than "Doms". This just isn't true. As a sub or bottom, we have equal power to our top counterparts. BDSM is all about equal and mutual respect and getting genuine consent from all parties involved every step of the way. If the scale ever tips and one party is asserting their will over any other people involved, the BDSM dynamic has slipped into an Abusive dynamic and needs to be reexamined and updated asap. 

What is your ultimate life fantasy?​​​​​​​
My ultimate life fantasy involves me living in pure abundance in every aspect of my life. I see wealth in every person I choose to have in my life. Money flows to me effortlessly from many sources, and I am grateful to use it to give back to my family and community. BlackFox and I have a medium-sized house filled with all of our spiritual energy, with lots of lands that I use for dog training courses.  We are both the most successful sex/BDSM workers we can be, holding many successful poly dynamics, collating with other amazing and sexy players, and traveling/getting into nature often. When you really look at it, I am living my ultimate life fantasy as we speak, and every day I am taking steps to ensure this dream continues to grow, expand and manifests itself into an abundant and tangible reality for us all.  Follow Trixie   

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