If you and Donald Trump was the last person on earth and you had to have sex with him to continue the human race, would you? 
Can he get it hard, still?

What is the solution for solving the world's hunger problem?
Well that’s easy, the solution to end world hunger is to end greed by sharing this ass, Save a life by revitalizing with this power pussy… I’m just joking with you. But on a serious note, Void the Declaration of Independence, and create the acclamation of self sufficiency and accountability. Stop promoting selfish admiration and entitled arrogance. Make rules that actually are worth a shit. Cut fast food chains, make it a criminal charge if we don't grow and harvest crops. Plant charity crops for people to grab free fruits and veggies as they please. Eliminate money, and utilize trade for goods and services so everybody has an actual chance. Minimal changes which can help change worldly hunger and other worldly problems. Oh and also, stop sending people to jail for dumb shit like weed! There are so many variables that can contribute to end world hunger.

Blue or pink?
Why just one?! Why not mix those colors like semen breeds me and entangles with my fertile pussy juices? Why not get something beautiful out of it?!  Like pastel purple in this case.

Do you think Lil Nas X is a plant to ruin black music?
Not at all, I think he’s a using a very brave tactic to help his career, such as shock factor to dominate the industry that is already so hard to thrive in or he really is just a gay demon stripper which is cool with me, fuck it. It truly is a numbers game, the more numbers, higher algorithms, word of mouth and contradictory imagery and mysteries that leave people wondering and researching keeping him rich, flowing and going.  Not to mention, at first he got the kids attention with his old town road and now he has the adults. Hitting all the niches, demographics, country, rap, kids, adult , straight and LGBTQ communities, mama a fucking Genius, who cares if he ruins rap. We’ve already ruined it, can’t do much more. In regards to; does it ruin black music? I never gave music a color. One second I’m Da-Baby bout to fuck your bitch the next I’m Money-Bag yo, about to solidify my truth then the next I’m making my way downtown walking fast faces pass me and I’m home bound like a bitch from White Chicks. All girly girl. So I think music isn’t ruined by him nor can it ruin “black” music because I’m white as fuck and I will still like da baby said fuck your bitch.

What's a specific goal you want to reach in the 6th month?
To be one step further, small or large, just one thing better than I was yesterday whether mental, spiritual, physical, Any growth is better than none.

What is your opinion on marriage?
I’ve been married since 12/2013 and happily separated since 4/2015 without any regards to paying $500 to do the separation, but hey more benefits, better tax brackets, cheaper insurance, and discounts, for a worthless piece of paper.  But I truly think marriage for those who found the right one, is wonderful. A lot do it because it’s a social norm or the benefits and that’s what I don’t agree with.

Tea or Milk?
Tea is the bomb .Com! Milk is for people that aren’t diabetic like me, but I do love almond or oat or goat milk!

What did you do on your last date?
Date? I don’t remember the last time I went on a date. I think I went to the bathroom once and hid from my two twin infants and my 7 year old and hid and blasted my speaker for about 6 minutes and that shit was so sexy. Haha!

Sex in a van or sex in Jacuzzi?
Both! But, sex in a car is my favorite place to fuck! Especially if you're driving. The thrill of the adrenaline and being seen being a dirty little slut and also the nut, is like Ecstasy, like you're in a spaceship floating to heaven as you drive and hover back into normalcy.

What book is your favorite?
“The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious” by Carl Jung

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