Hermosa Beach Lifeguard stays active during memorial with the beaches packed full of people.

Even though the memorial day is a holiday morning with the death of soldiers, there were plenty of bikini models out on the beach tanning and playing sports. To me it didn’t look too much like any time of social distancing going on. Some of the parking lots were closed and the beach was most definitely not at full capacity. Assuming that the virus dies in ultraviolet light, the beach isn't as risky as inside the bars which were empty on the boardwalk only serving people alcohol by the way of front door pick up.  

This year’s memorial day at the beach was noticeably different than last year’s memorial day. Southern California’s beaches are 100% packed to capacity on holidays, usually. SoCal beaches are the pride and joy of the state. Luna Leve, a Los Angeles journalist for kittens magazine said, “It was fun.'' There were lots of beautiful women on the beach wearing thong bikinis. But on the downside, I was sad that there were no food vendors. It was disappointing not to be able to get snacks and gifts.” 

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