Recently in upstate New York at public, a thong bikini model Aurea Miranda was at the park close to the beach producing her photoshoot for her supportive fans when she was attacked by these angry housewives who weren’t wearing a mask - despite Covid-19 running rampant - they proceeded to harass. This college student was minding her own business social distancing and was caught off guard when an unhealthy toxic mother of three boys angrily approached her shouting and cursing. Did she think that would make her want to cover up?  “See those three little boys over there? Those are my boys, They’re staring at your ass, which is hanging out in the middle of a public place." Do you need shorts? Cause I have an extra pair” This is just appalling. Not only is she teaching her “three” boys to hate, degrade, and control women, but she is literally treating Ms. Miranda like a slave. The conversation coupled with, “I mean get your ass covered. That's what I mean.” 

This toxic mom’s behavior has swept the nation and some folks are calling it “Karen” But let’s be real, its toxic angry house mom syndrome, and it is terrifying! These bitter jealous women are raising toxic men who hate women.  Let’s check the facts. As a man, why would you want a woman to cover up her sexy butt, especially if she has a hot thong on? It seems that leading the pack against women looking sexy is actually toxic jealous housewives and house moms. Who was against models at the race track? Who was against models at Hooters Restaurant? Who is against thong bikinis? Who calls the police on a woman wearing a thong?
Aurea Miranda quietly tried to escape this toxic attacker to ask a beach worker if her bikini was appropriate at the state beach. And guess what happened? She was given the thumbs up by the beach staff. What’s really sad is the police will always come to the rescue of these jealous toxic angry people. Can you imagine if the police would actually arrest these people and clean the streets of this toxic environment? It will never happen, at least in my time, I won’t see real justice. For anyone who would stop women from wearing a thong should be put in a mental institution for life.
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