The night was going ok. By this time I had already grown somewhat accustomed to how the club worked. I was still a bit new to the entire industry but had been working a while to figure out how to go home with some money. I was going home with around 300 a night during this time. It was around 2013. This night had a different manager than the one who had hired me. The manager this night was walking around the club acting like such an idiot I thought he was a patron. He was throwing a little money every now and then on stage but not more than a couple dollars. I”m pretty sure he was drunk that night as he had a cup in his hand was was acting like a loud douche. He was grabbing a lot of the dancers as they walked by him. There were a few who were his favorite and he was more aggressive with as they walked by. He would grab and spank there ass and I’m pretty sure I saw his trying to kiss up on one of the dancers. 

Besides the manager acting like it was his personal party It was an ok night. I don’t think I was making too much money that night or I wouldn't of been put in the situation I was in later that night. He walked up to me and asked me if I was a new dancer. I told him I had been working there for awhile but just had not gone around to working on his shift. He told me not to go anywhere that he wanted a private dance from me. At this point I still didn’t understand it was inappropriate to give a lap dance to anyone who worked with you. I really though all he wanted to do was watch me dance. I was actually a bit excited because I thought I was going to get paid from the dance I give him. He eventually came back to me and lead me to VIP dance booth. He took me to the first booth which was the biggest and most private. The Vip booths had a velvet sheer curtain covering the view.

You could see from the inside through the curtain, but you couldn't see through from outside the booth. It was really private. Inside the booth there was a plasma TV hanging that was always playing hardcore strait porn. The manager from this night then laid on the long lounge chair and said “give it to me baby” I then started to dance sensually and start my VIP dance routine. I hadn’t had any guy complain before that night and even sold multiple VIP dances with tips. The manager then looked at me with a weird look on his face and said, “What are you doing?” get on top of me”. I then started to get closer a bit confused thinking he wanted me to shake my ass on him. I got on top of him and then started to dance, thinking that maybe I should end the dance here. At this point he got a bit irritated with me and grabbed my hips. I tried to pull away and he grabbed me and said “what the fuck is wrong with you? Are you a virgin? Grind and grab on my fucken dick”. He grabbed me with one hand and tried tried to finger me with the other.  At this point I was so confused and scared. I got off of him and started to grab my shoes from the floor. He then got up and said “fuck this.” He seemed like he was upset and knew what had just happened. I was so confused, and mad. I went to the dressing room trying to hold back any thoughts till I could get comfortable. When I got to the dressing room I started crying and started packing. I didn’t want to dance that night anymore. I was not in a good mood. The other girls noticed I was crying and asked me what had happened. I told them that. I told them what the manager that night had tried to do. They started saying that it was messed up and that he shouldn’t do that. One of the girls tried to sit next to me and tell me It was going to be ok, and that he was a huge jerk. I wasn’t paying too much attention to anyone. I had already decided I was going home. I packed my stuff and left the club that night determined to not be crying by the time I got home. After that night, I only danced during times when the manager I got along with was going to be there. Soon after what had happened I went on to work at another club and the club on La Brea had shut down. I had decided not to do anything about it during that time but to learn from it. 
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