We love sluts at Kittens magazine and Brooke haze is a super sexy slut and she's not ashamed of what anyone thinks. When I first saw Brooke online, I thought to myself, "she won't have time to talk to me while she's here. She's gorgeous, and must be a busy model". The time was getting nearer to our date and I was anxious to interview her. 
Arriving at her apartment was exciting. When she opened the door she was dressed in hot daisy duke jean shorts that showed her sexy long legs and a cut off hoody showing her delicious skin. Brooke then invited me upstairs to watch some TV so up I went following this goddess of the screen. 

Some might think brook has a tuff exterior, but after meeting her in person which most don't get to do, I found she was one of the sweetest soft-spoken porn stars I've met before. I started snapping a few photographs of Brooke around her room. One thing is for sure, this sexy young model loves to take selfies for her fans. 
Most videos you see nowadays seem so unreal, but when Brooke kicks in her wild side she convinced me that her videos are real and she enjoys sex. The calm allure of her demeanor while doing the nasty is reassuring to adult fans everywhere. 

One question a fan sent into kittens magazine asked Brooke if she likes cum in her mouth. Brooke responded with this, "I don't really like cum in my mouth. But I do enjoy it on my chest, on me, and on my stomach." She thought it was an interesting topic so Kittens turned on the video camera and interview Ms. Haze more about the subject. After posting the video of her on youtube it quickly gaining momentum and now has over 120 thousand views. Brooke is soon to be on the front of every magazine cover. 
Even though brook is quiet, she loves to party. After our short but interesting conversation, I had a chance to meet up with Brooke at a Halloween party in downtown Los Angeles. I had no idea Brooke loved to party, what a perfect fit. I decided to make sure the photos get sent to print and featured them in our Anniversary issue of Kittens Magazine. After all that time with this sexy hot babe, I'm convinced you will love her onlyfans account.

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