Models brawl it out at Caliente Cage Rage in Downtown Los Angeles with a packed crowd attendance watching the whole thing go down.  Dames NGames was the set of the wild fight night with four of LA’s top amateur fighters in 2 matches that went the distance. The crowd pleasing, action packed fights were announced ringside by Matt Slayer and what better way to give blowby blow details of this sexy brawl having Kitten Athena Rayne as the coannouncer. Reality show star and Playboy model Gianna "Stilz" Taylor was our Ring Announcer and kept the crowd entertained with Hype Man Teddy from Power106. 
The first match featured Kittens’ model Luna The Wulf and returning fighter Thai Boxer Akari by the time the first match got started the house was packed with eager boxing and MMA fans from all over Los Angeles and when the first round bell rang it was on!
Wulf came into the ring first and before the bell of the first round rang the tension was high.  Luna came out throwing jabs at Akari and ducking punches and then unleashed devastating kicks to her opponent's ribs. Her trained appointment was outmatched by natural power.  Luna took the first round surprisingher opponent with jabs and kicks. Her quick opponent took notes and started to wear Luna down in the middle of the second round but she didn't give up. Even though Wulf lost at the end of the second round do a bloody nose, the crowd went nuts for the two women who boxed it out.
The second match featured seasoned MMA fighters Synn and Deja Bu in a brawl match that left the crowd in shock. Synn charged Deju Bu in the opening round taking thefight to the mat in tough wrestling match thenafter standing up, Synn unloaded uppercut body shots to the midsection of Deja Bu. That didn't last for long asDeja Bu gained the upper hand in the 3rd round controlling the ground game and taking the cash prize at the end of the night.

Dames 'N' Gamesstaff was exceptional keeping the crowd fed all night with great inhousefood straight from the bar and general management has stepped it up the past few years with great entertainment and some the hottest dancer in Los Angeles. If you haven't been to Dames 'N' Games, itslocated in the Heart of LA and has easy access parking for all of its customers. 

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