On this particular night, I found myself entering the industrial goth revolution surrounded by leather and Lace. Some participants were only in thongs or see-through lace while others were wearing masks and fur. This established crowd proudly showcased their designer fetish wear monster mashing to the radical DJ spinning 80's, house, and industrial. These types of events are my favorite, extra dark venue, great lighting effects, and a ground-shaking sound system.
Once the goth gogos hypnotized us with their wrathful presence and exotic dancing, I knew it was getting closer to the main attraction. The stage was perfect for a wild performance and with a VIP balcony that looked over the dance floor, kittens Kiarra kai and Luna Leve had a crow's eye view of the festivities.
There has been a lot of turmoil online with so-called Christians angered over sexy women getting naked and profiting from it. Some of them saying, "Sex workers need to reevaluate their relationship with Jesus." Which led to me being disappointed once again in our society. When Ashley Bad dressed in a red latex Nun Habit, came out of the dressing room praising Jesus in a thong when the DJ reached out and touched faith with a Depeche Mode remix, my faith in religion was restored.
Starting off her performance Ashley kneeled and prayed to the sex gods above. After slamming down her rosary beads she rips off pieces of her Habit leaving only her sexy thigh high stockings and thong. In one of the most inspiring and sexy religious practices, I've seen Amanda left the stage in a glittery fashion making me feel like I want more. Although there was no encore I was thrilled to have witnessed a sexual revolution in exotic dancing. 

Special thanks to Batcave Club @batcave_club @Sinnbatcave and staff. 
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