While in Los Angeles I was invited to an event at the BatCave Club in Downtown Los Angeles which has since moved to a new location. I have to admit I didn’t know what to expect but that’s what makes LA exciting and on top of the unknown I have invited my the one and only European adult star Dani Divine who was headlining this wild event. 

I got there early so I st around and had a few drinks watching the sexy people mosey on in from the nights crisp California air. I was impressed by the number of participants rolling through the doors and the outfits were nothing less than risque while hanging out in the smoking sexing I notice I was the only one that was out of place in this strange place. But that didn’t matter because everyone I was interacting with was warm-hearted and so friendly I thought we know each other for years. 

An announcement was made that the event was starting staggered upstairs after having a couple rum and cokes to catch a video of the performers who were about to burn. Warming up the crowd with her amazing fire show was Kaylith Von Kola, who dazzled the crowd when she invited the wicked witch of the west  Alley Kat on to the stage to perform with her. Last but not least was the great Dani Divine who came out dancing to goth music and lit candles. By the end of her set, I was confused about whether I should be filming or to just watch and soak up the amazing performance put on by her and her mistress. Yes, spanking was incorporated into the show and let me tell it the first time I’ve ever seen this sexy of a show in a long time. Next time you are in Los Angeles make sure to gather up some friends and head on over to The Batcave for some wild fun and great dancing.

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