If you do find out your girlfriend is a pornstar like Kasey the best thing is to enjoy having such an amazing girlfriend who is sexually enlightening. Yes, you might be a bit upset that she lied or kept it from you, but at least she is hot and makes her own money. Warning, this is not for the weak or insecure men.
Yes, your porn star girlfriend knows things about sex that your average girlfriend does not, she might have even had a 3 sum before you. Kasey expressed to me, before the shoot she was busy giving her boyfriend a blowjob in the workout room. 
"I told him to come here. Whip your dick out and let me suck it I said."
There's nothing wrong with having a wild girlfriend that doesn't want to be tamed.  Embrace it, love her, and enjoy the ride. Girls like Kasey are no different in the sense that they still love to cuddle, eat ice cream, and watch movies. Not sure how to approach a porn star to ask her out on a date? We spent a day with her and interviewed Kasey Miller to find out what she likes and what her interests are to give you a head start on your porn star dating life. 

Kasey isn't your average girlfriend. Kasey is a wild kitten that loves to party and has done some naughty videos, Yes she has done a couple of pornos when she moved to California from St Louis Missouri to pursue her passion for vlogging and cooking.  
While spending the day with Miller in her dorm we went behind the scene of her everyday life which is smoking weed, doing laundry, and lounging at the pool in her sexy outfits. 

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