Carolina Cortez

September 17th was a day of celebration for fans and entertainers alike and included Adult Stars, Camsters, and Onlyfans Models showing up to greet their loyal fans and etch out autographs. Attendees proved they were true fans bringing star memorabilia for signing and even purchasing memorabilia directly from the star studded entertainer list that included, Christy Canyon, Luna Leve, Carolina Cortez, Naudi Nala, Kimmy Kaboom, Lucky Star, Jay Crew, James Bartholet, and Amari Anne.

Naudi Nala

The place you want to go for your production space needs and Kittens Magazine’s favorite studio in Los Angeles is Planetary Studios. Only a few blocks from the 170 freeway, this studio rental space gives you easy access and convenience and is home to a wide variety of Photographers, Filmographies, Videographers, and  A-List Hollywood Directors. Whether you want to take wedding photos or you want to shoot horror flicks, this is your number one go to creative space.
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