Christina Khalil and her boyfriend recently took to youtube with a video on her thoughts about being demonetized by the corporation.  What sparked her outrage was one of her videos was flagged and received a bad American mark on her youtube resume.

Khalil’s videos are fashion and fitness based videos. She started her channel as a fitness channel but soon found out that they do not manufacture clothes for all sizes of women and started doing fashion try on for women and youtube basically took way her paycheck.  

“It's very frustrating when you put in all this ever and you are trying to inform people. When I started this channel I started with workouts, I was trying to inform people what I do to stay in shape, that led to vlogs, then that led to try on’s. Because as a bustier woman, it was very hard to find stuff online that fit me. I would spend weeks going back and forth with companies and nothing every fit.  So I thought I would start sharing this on youtube. Is it my fault I get negative comments and sexual comments in the description of my videos?”
This demonizing has become a big deal for youtube content creators because they have been working daily to please their fans, like Christina who stated her channel in 2011, that's over 8 years of incredible dedication to her production.  May other YouTubers are suffered the same fate after bringing millions of subscribers to Google’s platform Youtube. Now youtube is stealing the likeness of YouTubers and Christina Khalil and making TV series and shows for paying subscribers and now it’s so-called advertiser-friendly.

Khalil also wrote youtube contesting the company's actions. It was unjust to demonize her and delete her videos. She said she found other videos online that were monetizing from sexual content including men who being over sexualized.
“Where do we draw the line?’ Youtube needs to say in its community guidelines, somewhere. What the differences. You can’t just say body parts or sexual content.  What does that mean? Just me wearing a sports bra is sexual?”
We hope the best for Christina and all YouTubers that have been affected by the outrageous actions of Youtube CEO and its employees. We hope all these problems get solved and content creators can take back control of their money.  To view the full video of Christina’s statement go to our website at
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