Explain to our audience what type of content you create?
I create a wide variety in the effort to diversify my portfolio. As such, my model work includes everything from fantasy glamour work to fetish and fine art. I love all aspects of being a part of such a different array of projects and find bits and pieces about each that leave a spot on my heart. I love fantasy roll play. I can be a princess, queen, or posing with my face covered so you can feel my emotions.

What are your goals in the entertainment industry?
My goals in this industry center around creating a safer environment for everyone who wants to be a part of this community. Too many people have used a camera as a ploy and accessory to gain access to women at their most vulnerable. Cameras are used as pick up lines, as a device to harass, and as a measure of revenge. There are “photographers” who simply wish to see women naked and prey on their insecurities. I’ve seen photographers protected simply because of reputation, and we see this in the “Me Too” movement but in the photography and model industry it still goes unheard and unchecked. My goal in this industry is to eventually turn the tide by opening a studio with my fiancé, where photographers are vetted and models safe and respected. A place where they can be who they are. I knew from the moment I started modeling in 2019, that I didn’t...couldn’t leave this industry without changing it for the better and that is what I am striving to achieve. Every model, no matter their gender, deserves to be able to create without fear of sexual harassment. A model shouldn’t be blacklisted simply because a photographer failed to get laid, and predators should be called out for their behavior regardless of how well known they are. 
What can people expect when subscribing to your onlyfans?
People can expect a lot of fun, actually! I regularly post my model work uncensored, but also post videos, nerdy content, selfies, and anything else that crosses my mind!

What is your favorite movie?
This is such a loaded question and I can't answer it. Simply because I can't pick one! My favorites include Fight Club, Black Swan, Lord of the Rings, Alice In Wonderland and Titanic.

Do you prefer one night stands or love making monogamy? 
If I am single, one night stands are preferable. But if I have found someone I am interested in pursuing a relationship with, the messing around stops and I'm faithful to that person.

Are you a pet owner or an animal activist?
It is possible to be both, I think. I actually own four animals. I have a sweetheart 6 year old Husky named Aurora, a 1 year old Weimshephard named Bandit, a ball python named Maverick, and a reticulated python named Lily! It’s possible to own animals and want the best for them! (Just ask mine, they’re all spoiled rotten!)
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? 
The short answer to this question? Everywhere. Anywhere. I want to backpack through Europe, swim off the shore of Greece, eat in Italy, explore New Zealand. My wanderlust heart will never truly be satisfied.

Do you think Amber Rose was a plant to expose sex workers? 
No, I don't. 

What is your opinion on marriage?
Considering I'm getting married next year, this is probably a silly question. But I believe that marriage only lasts if you want it to last, and that means treating each other like you could still lose them. Marriages lull and fail because it's taken for granted.

Do you follow politics? 
Barely. I follow women’s rights quite diligently though.
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