“I really want to make an impact on the world around me, do something different with my life. Do something bigger than myself. Right now the passion is porn butwho knows where that will take me next! I signed tomy first agency when I was fifteen and I am still signed with them to this day! They are called Reel People talent Agency and they are based out of the Midwest.”
Sailor is now visiting in Los Angeles, California pursuingher career as an adult model and is ready to shoot. She is true adventurer who has visited many places for her profession as well. There is nothing holding her back.
“I travel A LOT. It was one of my personal goals and I have seen so many new places since turning eighteen. Southern Texas, New Orleans, Florida, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and now California!”
I’ve had time to check out Sailor’s twitter profileand her pictures are raunchy, slutty and sexy! Her name Sailor fits well because she sure had my cock standing at attention.  I had to rub one out when I ran across a picture of her sexy ass covered with thick gooey cumshots.  Not only can you catch Sailor on hot new industry pictures and videos, you can bust a nut to her hot personal content that she produces herself.
“I have been shooting my own content for a couple months now and I'm saving up about ten scenes before I start releasing new content! I have always thought I looked so much better naked so I prefer nude or semi nude for my photoshoots but I also love doing nasty, messy, taboo types of things on camera.”
She is currently in the production stage and will be releasing her content very soon. To be the first to know when her content hits streaming air waves you can follower her on twitteror instagram. You can also find more of Sailor Luna on her xvideos profile.
Up Close and Personal With Sailor Luna
There is nothing better than a Kitten who lives her life as the sexual animal she is. We always like to find out how kinky these young kittens really are when they are not on set. Does she go to swingers or sex parties? Let's find out!
“I can't go to swinger parties because I don't have a boyfriend to come with me!  -*HINT HINT* -I went to a foot fetish party recently and met a really amazing couple who love to share girls!! I'm meeting up with them this weekend and I think we are going to go “all the way”! Haha!”
Don't think that her awesome skills just stop at sex. This talented model also loves to rock out when she is not on set. You already know here at W.S.U. thatwe love talented slutty women who can be creative and intellectual as well. Very inspiring.
“I really love to sing, write and listen to music. I play bass butI am a little out of practice since I've been busy in the adult world. I love being outside and hiking! As you probably know already I really like to smoke 420 too.”
We are looking forward to shooting Sailor Luna for the Kitten’s magazine because we all want to know more about this interesting new model who has hit the scene and see more pictures of this sexy radical kitten.
“I'm a total newb butone thing I think everyone needs to hear (especially in adult entertainment) is to never be afraid. Don't let people push you into something you don't want, don't represent somethingyou don't personally agree with. You have the power, you have the choice to say NO. Don't shy away from greatness, go and grab life by the balls. Everything is here for your taking. Don't listen to anyone else's bs, you are fully capable of doing whatever you want in this world. People will want to put you in a box because of the way you look or because you do porn and do NOT accept that! You are in control, don't let anyone or anything take that away from you. END RANT.”
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