In the following years MySpace became a haven for artists and entrepreneurs to showcase their talent even having music charts. MySpace even allowed you to customize your own profile which was stolen from Black Planet. Millions of people reconnect with lost friends and connect with new friends using MySpace.  It also allowed for freedom of expression and helped talented Artists that were blocked from being heard by fake record labels. 
Today Social media has been taken over by corporate media, which we all know, hate realness. Realness is the enemy of fakes, and the fakes have made it so real people do not have a voice on social media. The Music on social media is now propaganda music spread and paid for by corporate entertainment pushing out real artists, which has always been their goal. It infuriated fakes when real people all of a sudden got attention from MySpace, but with algorithm technology realness was killed instantly. 
Social media has become a haven for corporate propaganda, fakes, racists. and non talented people. Talent has been replaced with rich people paying for attention without having any talent and most of them are downright insane. When you look at social media now, all you get are paid followers and the most excruciatingly painful non talented people. Especially on tiktok. TikTok is filled with the most vile narcissist people who are destroying entertainment and have trashed the reputation of real artists. Most of these people have rich mommies and daddies who help fund their garbage enabling the garbage talent. Then you have the worst of the worst type of people supporting this garbage as they refuse to support actual talented people. 
Twitter has become the worst social platform of them all. They censor truth and allow bots and corporate media push propaganda and fakes. The bots are relentless on twitter and is now only a place for corrupt people and non talented people. Bots on twitter are constantly creating conflict in comments. There is no support twitter for anything real. You might be able to catch a few cool videos but besides the it is the center of fakeness. Instagram literally censors truth and models but allow rich people, predators  and rapists to get way with anything they want, making it the most unsafe social media in the universe.  Youtube censors realness but allows pedophilia and allowing monetization on young children who are being trafficked by parents but banning adult models.  Youtube has become a predator haven for propaganda and garbage content made by garbage people and Youtube is in full support. 
Why do fakes dislike real talent and real people so much? Well it's because they have no talent and no worth in the world, so it makes them feel better to support trash and they have made a home on social media purposely pushing out real people and real talent. The only way to fix this is to have a social media that does not allow corporate entities since corporate companies are the main reason for the trash and creating trashy people. Till then, social media is obsolete for realness, because fakes will always support fakeness and with Trumps new social media, creative freedom and talent are doomed. 

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