Party Hosts Olivia Jay & Lala Ivey

Arriving during magic hour, the attendees glowed with positive energy dressed to impress and ready for the old school bbq. When we say old school it doesn't mean we all dressed up in throwbacks and danced to Diana Ross, this was the old school Los Angeles vibe. Laid back, everyone getting along, and fuck yes! Sexy ladies taking their tops off! 
Destiny Cruz dazzled the red carpet with her decorative fit and Lala Ivey hosted the red carpet with charisma in her party festival attire.  
Kittens Magazine associates brought enough herbs to cure cancer and I know for sure that I was more lit than I’ve ever been, lost three pounds, and felt great.  As the ganja filled leaves flowed and the food sizzled on this steamy Los Angeles evening, people turned to Liquid Death for hydration and lavation.
Special thanks to Urban X and Planetary Studios
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