What was your inspiration to get into modeling?
I’ve always been in love with art & photography but never felt talented enough to pursue it and was extremely shy and insecure of myself when I was younger. It wasn’t until I moved to Oceanside, California after I graduated high school and went to college that I met students who were going for cosmetology and photography and would often mention my beauty and curves and ask me to help out with their projects. It began with me helping with their portfolios my having the cosmetologist do my makeup and get me dolled up and the photographer to take photos of me that I finally found a place I truly felt comfortable in my own skin. Modeling is my outlet to allow me to express myself as an individual with flaws and imperfections and show the world that these imperfections make up who I am and compliment my beauty.

What is your favorite type of modeling?
I absolutely love glamour shoots as well as erotic photos. My favorite one are when I’m dressed up in a girl-next-door type of outfit and slowly strip away the clothing to show the lace I’m wearing underneath and continue stripping the lingerie until I expose myself completely. In these photos I begin as some cute, flirty girl that you would normally see walking down the street and end up in your home being the naughtiest girl I can be and teasing the camera with full views of my pink.
What is the Adult Industry like in North Carolina?
There really isn’t many producers and models in North Carolina compared to Cali, but I like the quiet living and the comfortable place I chose to make my home.

Do you prefer being independent or do you like being represented?
I prefer to be independent because I don’t really feel like an agent or agency would think in my best interest. Their sole responsibility is to get the talent booked for more shoots whether its modeling or adult videos in order for their company to get paid as well. I understand the hustle, but I prefer to manage my own life and whatever comes my way.

If you could change anything about your career, What would it be?
My career isn’t particularly difficult but it is a lot of work. I don’t think I would change anything though. I grew up with the understanding that you get what you give, so that the only way to get ahead in anything is to work hard and have a great smile and personality and the work will ultimately show.
What are some of your biggest challenges as an adult model?
One of the biggest challenges of being an adult model is the fact that some people aren’t open with sexuality and try to bring down the talent with crude names and a page long message with hurtful words about sex workers and exposing myself to the public.

Are you into fashion?
I love fashion and love getting dressed up to go anywhere and always looking my best. But I also do love to lounge around at home wearing an oversized T-shirt, panties, and maybe some fuzzy socks to slide around in.
What is your favorite type of food?
My favorite food is jalapeno poppers. Random I know, but they’re my comfort food and I love the mixture of the sweetness of the cream cheese inside with the slight spiciness of the pepper and the delicious bacon wrapped around it. #FoodOrgasm

What is your favorite music to dance too?
I love R&B as well as Reggaeton. My all-time favorite song is Noche de Sexo by Wisin y Yandel and it is so sensual as well as erotic and naughty.
Do you have a boyfriend?
I am happily married but my husband is a very private individual with some kinky interests.

Do you travel?
I do travel back to San Diego every so often to visit some close friends as well as for work. This year I do plan to travel a bit more and see new things, but don’t have any specific plans.

What are your plans for the future?
In the future I plan to graduate with a Bachelors in Psychology with a minor in Business Administration. I am currently about halfway towards my goal and hope to get there in the next few years. After that I’m not completely sure what I would like to do but I would like a career being around people and extremely interactive as well as using my knowledge to help others in any way.

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