Every year for the last 6 years Kittens has thrown the most wild beach parties on Venice Beach. If you missed this year don’t worry, you can come through next year and join the fun. July 4th beach party was definitely the best party of the year with great DJ’s, good food, and plenty of people partying. The after party was even better. If you want to know more about our annual parties or want to be a sponsor you can email DM us on twitter or instagram.
Beside the beach party on July 4th, there as an abortion protest. Men, please stop pissing women off. Trying to get to the beach on Monday was difficult as the protest blocked all streets. Some had signs that read “Post Roe Hell No!” Others had signs that were a lot more explicit.
After hitting the beach we had to check out the annual bikini contest at muscle beach. Many winners took home trophies and it was nice to see the historic competition back in action after Covid -19 restrictions were lifted. 
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