Wow, what a day at Club Rock Star Paradise who hosted this wild event. I definitely knew it was going to be a fun time when I saw the umbrella straws in the pineapples. The drinks were cold and the barbeque cooking smelled great. When you first walked in, it was hard to ignore the gourmet goodies. However, when the girls came out to the party, I forgot about the delicious bbq and the punch filled fresh pineapples.
Everyone at the party was having a wild time. The girls looked like they were ready to cool down and get the party started. There was water splashing everywhere when they started dancing, cooling of the dancers in the 100-degree weather. It was like an extra wild wet t-shirt contest, with twerking! The guys were happy to be there as well. One man so exited he started showing off his dance moves on the pole while the girls were twerking in at the parking space and that was just the intro. There was truly no shortage of entertainment at the Rockstar Paradise.
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