I wanted to write this article to talk about something more personal that happens in the adult and entertainment industry. A topic that many girls don’t speak of too much. We’re talking about when a sugar daddy turns bad. How a relationship with a sugar daddy can start well but start to have problems. It’s needless to say many dancers, models, actresses, etc... are beautiful. This is natural and common, of course. These women, after all, are modern entertainers. They get on stage for us, bare it all in front of the camera. Seduction is what they were born with and it is what they use when they perform for an audience. I’ll try to not make the article about defending sugar babies.
What is it like when a young, “beautiful”, and talented female is at work and the camera isn’t rolling, or the fog machine and stage lights are turned off? I get that question a lot. I’ve gotten used to all the different ways people ask. Some guys try to pretend that they don’t know me. Then, later on, they accidentally let the cat out of the bag. Turns out they’ve been watching my videos online and masturbate to me for a minute or two. I’m there newest fantasy girl in the flesh. I can always tell when there is something off about someone by the questions they ask. That's an example of an uncomfortable situation.
Then there are the good encounters. Directors who book you because they think you’re perfect for the role. You read the script to find out its a vixen character who is there to seduce an established man. And you’re just “perfect for the scene”,  I love reading these roles. It’s flattering every time I’m offered a role like this without auditioning. Producers, Directors, Actors, Journalists, Athletes, Writers, Business Entrepreneurs tend to always be at the same social gatherings. These are my favorite parties, It’s full of personalities with the young and beautiful. You can imagine many of these men are used to getting their way. They are somewhat leaders in this millennial age.
Have you ever heard the saying, “You can tell what a man thinks about you, by the gifts he gives you.” Some men win you over with love, dinner, and a warm bed. They’re the sweet ones. Then there are other gifts like money, drugs, lingerie, perfume, roses, shoes, or purses. They often want to know about the other guys or what other guys have done for you. Possibly because they are trying to do better than the last guy. I never say anything though, only what I want them to hear. A lot of them get enjoyment out of knowing you're popular. The more popular you are in the public eye, the more they want to get to know you. Sometimes this leads to a bit of resentment towards a sugar baby. I don’t understand how the same thing that intrigues them sometimes makes them uncomfortable.
So how does a man go from adoring his new trophy to resenting her? After all, he was the one who adorned and pursued her. In my 8 years of working in Hollywood, I’ve learned to never assume a successful man with a lot of money is truly alone. Although he might feel alone, he never truly is. How else would he be so successful? Even if his home looks like a total bachelor pad. Truth is, men who need sugar babies are never satisfied. I’ve noticed, they all have a need to overindulge. Do you understand what it means to have a slice a cake but you want the entire box chocolates? Meaning it’s too easy for them to need it. This is where he will feel as if he needs to challenge you. He will start to ask for more and want to give less. It’s in his nature to do this as an SD. After all, he is the one chasing, why else would he be offering so much.
In a sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship, there is an unspoken rule, the “thing” that is in the back of his mind. He knows that he won you over with gifts. The affection a sugar daddy gets is conditional. It’s the inner child inside of him who knows money and success truly means nothing unless you can share it with someone who truly knows you intimately. That’s how he ended up with a wife, girlfriend, and a 20 something-year-old dancer who keeps him company when he wants to run away from all his responsibilities or feels alone.
So what do you do when a sugar daddy goes bad? There are many reasons why you might feel it is time to take a break. How do you firmly tell your sugar daddy no without ruining the possibility of continuing the relationship?
Your sugar daddy wants to do more things sexually that you are not comfortable with.
This one is easy. You will firmly tell him that you don’t want to take things further and he is more than welcomed to see anybody else without belittling him. Or simply explain that you don’t believe you should have to do certain things until he does more for you. Tell him that he needs to do more.
Your sugar daddy wants to know too much and asks too much about you.
Politely tell him that he is asking too many questions. And that you want to talk about more positive things. This might upset him but he will get the point and stop asking or move on to someone else.
Your sugar daddy feels your feeling are not genuine.
It’s hard to convince a sugar daddy that you do want to spend time with him. He will always have it in the back of his head that it’s not real. Try to be kind to him. Although you should always be honest with your sugar daddy. In general, it’s not nice to lead people on. Be honest about your expectations even if it means no longer seeing each other, or having less contact.
Your sugar daddy feels guilty about your relationship.
If your sugar daddy is the more traditional type he will feel guilty and think he’s doing something wrong with seeing you. Maybe it’s a religious thing or maybe he has low self-esteem. Be extra kind if this is the case. This type of sugar daddy wants to feel enjoyment while with you. If you make him feel his feelings aren’t valid, you will make sure he will never want to see you again. It’s your job to feel like it’s a vacation when he is with you.
Your sugar daddy feels he should have a normal relationship with a normal girl.
This is one you can’t fix. You can’t change what someone wants. Unless you think you want to be a normal girl? He might not accept you even if you tried. This one usually means it’s over. Let time determine this one. Be kind.
He tells you he wants space.
Just give it to him. If he said this. He means it.
Sugar daddy relationships can be complicated as there really are no set of rules to follow. Before entering a sugar daddy relationship you need to be very clear about your expectations as to not lead anyone on. It is very clear from the beginning of this kind of relationship that there is a give and take. But don’t be surprised if your sugar daddy wants more than you want to give him. In conclusion, use your common sense and be real. He is with you because you are a young, beautiful, intelligent and admired women. Your sugar daddy is proud of you and sees you as a trophy even if he does not see you as a possession. Always keep your composure and remember there is plenty of fish in the city. Don’t ever feel that you owe someone anything. Your life is about fun and pleasure. That is why you are fortunate enough to live a sugar baby life. Just live it and enjoy what life has to bring.  

Signed, Anonymous Sugar Baby

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