Whether you have watched from afar or watched up close, being a voyeur has a bad reputation or is taboo in America. I wanted to break the stigma of watchers with someone who would know best about this obscure obsession and shed some light on the fun. 
Being that you are a swinger, is it hard to be yourself in a Covid world? 
Yes, not gonna lie. Even when being so careful, there is always risk. I attended a swingers event a few months ago that required all members to show Recent Negative Covid Test Results at the door to gain entry.. and still I wound up with covid..  So no more public swingers events for me for a while...It's so sad.   But Zoom has been extremely helpful. So my Primary Partner Blackfox and I have begun going on Poly Zoom dates and are meeting some awesome people and enjoying socializing again from a safe place for all ☺️ 

What's the kinkiest experience you have had at a swingers club? 
My kinkiest experience at a swingers club would have to be the time when I got my first BBC face and pussy fucking! Not to mention how many people were watching! We started in the glory hole. He went inside as I awaited my surprise on the other side. As I watched the empty hole slowly get filled by a huge cock, I couldn't help but get wet! I longed for his cock in my mouth, so I went for it! I deepthroated as best I could for about 5 mins before my pussy was dripping and I couldn't resist any longer. I just had to have my throbbing pussy be completely filled and stretched by this giant BBC. se ultrices gravida. Risus commodo viverra maecenas accumsan lacus vel facilisis. He flipped me around and bent me over so fast, and I was so wet, he slipped his rock hard cock so deep inside my tight aching pussy so smoothly, it was pure ecstacy! He slid all the way out, ran his cock along my soaking pussy, playing with my clit a moment until effortlessly slipping his cock back into my tight pussy, going so fucking deep I melt… It got so intense, the louder I got, the more people came to watch, until I had such a large crowd watching, I couldn't hold back any longer.. I let all the pressure go and came so hard I squirted all over his dick! The commentary was delicious! Everyone went home satisfied that night lol.

What's your ultimate voyeur fantasy? 
Hmm my ultimate voyeur fantasy would have to be set in a forest. I'm camping with my friends for the weekend. It's day 2 and the sun is going to be setting in 1 hour. We have just enough time to go the river for a quick skinny dip before it's time to snuggle up by the campfire with the group. Me and my girlfriend decide to go without telling anybody, you know, live on the edge a little. On the way there, we hear noises coming from behind a tree on the other side of the lake. Omg it's our friends Jenny and Luke! They must have had the same idea we did. They are both so hot, we can't believe this is really happening! I've always wondered what Jenny's cum face looked like. We decide to sneak closer for a better view. Slowly,  carefully, we make it to a safe spot with a perfect view. Omg her pussy is prettier than I imagined.. He's running his tongue up and down her tight little pussy, holding one leg up on his shoulder. She's moaning, it's getting my pussy wet.. He suddenly pulls away, dropping her leg down and flipping her around. He grabs her by the hips and slowly slips his rock hard cock deep inside of her tight virgin pussy! Omg she squeals as he stretches her! Fuck im starting to throb and my pussy begings to drip. He grips her and plunges his cock deep inside her again, she squeals louder! I notice my girlfriend is starting to touch herself, getting as into this as I am. Game on, I start to touch my pussy too as we make eye contact and giggle quietly to each other. Omg I'm soaking wet at this point, as he pounds her tight wet pussy harder and harder now, her squeals transform into moans of ecstacy. I play with my clit, feeling so good already, I know I won't be able to last long.
My girlfriend turns towards me, fire burning in her eyes. She can't resist any longer. Hell, either can I. She leans in, I lean in, and before we know it, we are kissing and touching each others pussies, building and building as Jenny and Luke climb closer and closer to orgasm. She lies me on my back and tells me to watch Jenny's cum face and cum when she does. She starts eating my pussy while I play with my nipples and watch Luke ravage delicate, perfect straight A Jenny, making her look like a tiny limp perfect little moaning fuck doll. Closer, closer.. fuck her tongue feels so good on my pussy..I'm getting so close.. Jenny whispers, "I'm gonna cum!" Her face changes, her moans intensify… and it happens! She cums so hard I end up squirting all over my girlfriends face! She drinks it up and cums herself! Wow! We relax for a minute before slipping back to camp, as if nothing ever happened. Jenny and Luke return minutes later. We all make eye contact for a moment before going separate ways and I feel my pussy pulse. They have no idea what we just witnessed... This is now our little secret, babe. Hehehe.
Have you ever had a guy jerk off while watching you in real life? 
Yes, it's quite a turn on! I love 3 sums that start out a cucks, with only one alpha claiming me while all others jerk off to us fucking, and ends with both/all cocks cuming on my face! There's just something so sexy about watching someone jerk off to me while I'm receiving pleasure from someone else, staring them in the eyes, as if it is he who is giving me such pleasure, and it is I who am pleasuring him, knowing how hard he's getting watching me get fucked by another, gets my pussy so wet! Have you ever watched a couple having sex? Yes, I've watched and filmed (per request) many other couples having sex over the years, I feel so honored and blessed. It's such a turn on. When I'm solo, I tend to masturbate to the show quietly and respectfully. When I'm with my partner, we will usually go ahead and start fucking next to them if we both find attraction. If that couple digs our vibes as well, we'll negotiate and discuss boundaries and limits, then possibly have a fun swap or orgie sesh!  After all, sharing is caring. Does your boyfriend watch you have sex? Yes, he enjoys watching me have sex with others, and it turns me on knowing I am turning him on while giving and receiving passion from another. When I'm feeling particularly assertive, I'll place him in a chastity device before he is made to watch us, feeling the torturous restraint from the metal cage as his cock tries desperately to get hard. He loves that shit. Likewise, I enjoy watching him have sex with other hot women, hearing them take my Foxy's full primal energy gets me so turned on I usually end up masturbating and cumming with them!
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