At What age did you realize you wanted to create your own clothes?
Age 9. I just knew that I wanted to create fashion & help express what people were feeling. Clothes are a prison, so might as well have fun wiff it.

What accomplishments do you want to highlight? 
Dropping out of school, getting my GED, attending Fashion School awarded First Place & Two Scholarships. Having my first international shipment at age 19, into London & it being on a Billboard. Starting my own business TripShipFashion LLC & creating my own website. Flying out & meeting Princess Nokia at World Pride 2019. Told everyone in the crowd to make room for me, so I can come & give her a hug- she then added me on Instagram. Mirrored Fatality is touring in the UK & wearing my brand. Skvetka_toxic is gonna represent my brand. I’m an Award Winning Kinkster Model & I’m proud of myself for never stopping- even though I have Body Dysmorphia. 

Do you prefer sex with women, men, or transsexuals? 
Non-binary / Agender Creatures Ideally. But I’m pansexual actually, so I love individuals for their personality not outer meat suit or genitals they may have.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Barcelona, Spain. 

If you won a million dollars, what would be the first thing you would buy?
I’d buy off my mom's debt, & retirement money. 

Which one? Sex in a Jacuzzi or Car?

What is your biggest inspiration? 
Mother Nature. Pain, Love, Death, & Birth. 

In the year 2050. Where do you think you'll be doing with your life?
Cultivating my own “village” of artists, like minded individuals- who help one another out. Unity with knowledge, growth, & teaching. Healing wiff expression & passing down what I’ve learned- for the sake of bettering our next generation. Traveling, having bases throughout our whole world & just truly helping small artists- not feel alone. 

What was the last festival you went to?
Damn, it’s been a min since I’ve been. It would be Life Is Beautiful in Las Vegas 2021, Sept 18-21st. 

Define your idea of Kinkster? 
Kinkster is something who loves entertaining, but not in your typical everyday way. 
Always keeps you on your toes, makes your mind wander, having your heart race because you’re anticipating something you have no idea what you’re truly gonna see, hear, feel. 
All thoughts & emotions linger, but you love it. Love how my clothes make you feel & my makeup captivates you. Some entities you don’t even know or understand, but you’re not supposed to because it still makes you rush with excitement. 
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