There is American pop culture and then there is Nikki. Nikki continues to do her stand up comedy throughout the United States as she just returned from New York City perform for her devoted fan base.  Her stand up shows are one for Adult ears only and she is not shy about her experiences in the Adult business.

One thing that makes Nikki unique and one of our favorite kittens is she loves to party!  Nikki has been sited at some pop music festivals around America and she says one of the festivals she attended real stood out. “Holy Ship a music festival cruise that goes to the Bahamas that was a four-day dance party on a cruise ship.”
You can follow more of Nikki Knightly on her social media accounts or check out her stand up comedy shows whenever you visit Hollywood.  
My best one night stand is when I took some guy home from Jumbo's clown room and I was at the time sharing my bedroom with my sister and she was all butt hurt I tried fucking this guy in our room so I took this guy in the living room and we fucked literally all night and then I couldn't find him and realized he had passed out on the toilet! he was a little strange but the sex was incredible and we never each other again
My two incredible cats make me so happy and they are best friends and hang out together clean each other play with each other get crazy with each other and they are the most affectionate cats I've ever had and they love to give me physical attention it's really hard to be in a bad mood when I'm around them.

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