The world of pornography is rapidly changing. A couple of decades ago fans would only see the pretty blonde on the front cover of a VHS or DVD, but models like Daizy Cooper have changed the game and Alternative porn has become more desirable.
“I've wanted to do porn since I was a little girl. I wanted to film and also do my own videos and sets like DIY so I've pretty much accomplished all of that. I had a friend that new an agent and tried to get me into the industry. I had long jet black hair and bangs. He told me to just wear my afro and boom!   I got signed to Foxxx models and the rest is history. Here I am 3 years later.”
Daisy is a multi-award winning alternative goth model and photographer from Hollywood, CA who's adult career has made a huge impact on porn's subculture of alternative models and rad rave kittens. At the AltPorn Awards in Hollywood Copper took the trophy for Best Gothic Shoot winning in 2019 by a landslide.
“I know there's a fan favorite which makes me feel even more fuzzy, winning best goth means a lot to me since I've been a goth for about 12 years now! I know that's crazy it actually wasn't a phase mom! But I was always bullied for it or told it was for white people, and I'm like HAAHAA look me now! When I was younger I never dreamed I could win an award for being myself especially in an industry that's tried so hard to make me someone I'm not.”

Kittens Magazine first took notice of Daizy Cooper in 2017 a year after the birth of KM via social media catching our attention from her radical modeling pictures and vibrant photo filters. We finally caught up with this busy vamp to ask her a few questions about the goth lifestyle and her rising career.
How does it feel to be a multi-award winning Entertainer?
Honestly fucking great! I have a tendency to full really overlooked and underappreciated for my tactics and personal style and I'm like hello!?! I'm here!!!
If you could change anything about your career what would it be?
I wish more mainstream companies would give me a chance. I know I'm weird and have a tattoo, and I'm darker than most black pornstars but I'm a hard worker I give 100% on set and that's all that should matter… to me anyway.
What is your guilty pleasure?
I like to take people out of their comfort zones sexually, pretty much-making vanillas absolute freaks!!
What is your ultimate sexual fantasy?
Honestly fucking someone who's in love with me. I'd love to find that one partner I can fucking destroy shit with, someone I can fuck everyone with, make art with, sappy I know.
Would you like to see Goth models get more exposure?
Well, goth girls do get exposure but only if its society acceptable version of goth, those basic bitch insta looking girls. The goths I want to get seen are girls who are scruffy and gross and hella creative the club kids, vintage hounds... the weird ones.

When and What was your favorite video shoot this year?
Probably shooting with Tommy Pistol. He's so funny and like a pro dom!! I was like okay fuck me up daddy, thank uuuu, I really enjoyed working with him he's so easy and puts his fingers and his dick in me at the same time which was new for me and I loved it !!
Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?
Thank you for always being there and being Down With The Coop I'm working really hard this year for you and for myself so stay tuned!
Daizy is one sexy temptress and she is not shy about expressing her sexuality and making raw videos for her fans. Not only does she shoot for mainstream companies like Suicide Girls, Evil Angel, and Hard X, she also produces her own sexy content which you can find on her or check out her Instagram here.

Daizy accepting her award at Altporn Awards - Photo By Chris King

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