California isn’t all just surfing and beaches, Los Angeles has always had amazing culture and diversity with its city limits. Despite the world in chaos right now it was refreshing to know you can go to an event in LA and still have a good time. Cinco De Mayo in LA is always the best and with 2020 came a well-needed celebration of life to uplift the spirits and enjoy the California sun. From young to old, and a rainbow of race, joined together to celebrate life in Southern Califonia. With the ground packed with party-goers and car clubs, lowriders filled the parks packed the streets. Kittens Magazine was blessed to have been invited to such an amazing culture uplifting experience and something that has been a tradition in LA for generations. The old generations must teach the new generations. Peace and love is the only way. 
Kittens Magazine is a southern California lifestyle magazine that started in 2017. To keep up to date on current KM events you can visit our website. All video was shot and edited by Jae-Wan. 
Special Thanks to all the car clubs, models, and hosts Luna Leve and Crystal Rush.
Kittens Magazine 2020

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