Mx. Evee Envy

I've been to swingers clubs before but I’m still relatively new to the fetish clubs scene even though these types of venues have existed for years even as sexual fetishism becomes more trendy in the mainstream these days. Since I don’t know much about fetishes and role play, I tried to look up some info about the first fetish venue on record and what is the difference in the types of fetishes. Unfortunately, the internet's lack of information and reporting on fetish clubs is disturbing and if you search youtube about sex or fetish you get Patty Square and Johnny Snooze who no nothing about sex trying to tell you about how to please your partner.

Since there was no info on fetish club history or what happens at a club, I decided to go check out a fetish club in Los Angeles for myself and meet the real people that practice this type of lifestyle to learn more about this fascinating world. Strapped into my Uber ride, I was ready to go to the party and see what the hype was all about and where most parties take place in the valley, I was headed deep to in the heart of Los Angeles city. A rebirth of London’s Batcave this club takes it a step further by having events at a different venue every time so I didn’t know what to expect.

Butter Dungeon and Evey Onyx

The fetish world is very discrete so letting me join the festivities was an honor. When I walked into this well-hidden discrete venue I was impressed at the people who greeted me at the door. It was dark but filled with color and gothic energy. The music was chill but amped up enough to dance too. You would expect a fetish club to be over dominant looking and scary from what movies portray but this place had a relaxed funk Shui and sexy furniture that made you feel right at home if you are into luxury private club feeling. 
The fetish rooms are available for 15 minutes at a time, which meant if you wanted to get whipped you have a time limit so other participants can enjoy the same benefits. Each room had a different style and plenty of comforts. After watching different ways to please and erotically spank my partner by Performer Goddess Nyx and observing the mystical energy from Evee Envy, I headed downstairs to where the corporal punishment was being handed out. These wild kittens loved their bondage and slaves.

Deviant Desirs LA

This night filled with dancing and erotica was a learning experience that sex is not always just penetration. Let's be real, everything we are taught about sex through television like you stick it in, rub around and 9 months later a baby pops out. With great teachers in this venue, I learned more about pleasing than I ever had from a youtube sex show brought to you by Patty Square and Johnny Snooze who couldn't please a hot dog. I’ve attended swingers parties and seen some fetish play but I’ve never been to a fetish goth club and this was an amazing experience. Between the magical burn performance by local Los Angeles artist Kaylith Von Kola and a sexy four girl show by Evee Envy, this late-night venture was is at the top of my list as one of the most memorable nights. For more info on this venue contact here

Evee Envy Performs Electroshock Stimulation

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