Photos: Lexxi Banks top 5% onlyfans

For several years many sex workers found onlyfans a safe way to establish an income without having to be forced into anal porn by major porn companies or walk the streets looking for tricks. Sex workers have bragged repeatedly how much money they can make on onlyfans posting their 6 digit earnings on twitter. Belle Thorne, maybe jealous of sex workers, did the same, bragging to mainstream media how much she made on onlyfans her first day. Belle pulled in around 2 million her first day on the website and which provoked an internet movement to ban Bella. 
There was a screenshot that showed Bella posting PPV photos in her OF feed and charging $200 to look at it. Hundreds of thousands of fans opened it to find that she had charged her fans $200 for none nude photos which were looked at by the sex worker community as a slap in the face. When mostly female sex workers took their opinions to Bella's Instagram they found that Ms. Thorne was not welcome to sex workers’ opinions and deleted the comments as do most people scared of the truth. Since sex workers and their provoked outrage were blocked on Instagram, sex workers hit Bella’s twitter hard expressing their discomfort, posting links, and telling Bella to go fuck herself. But this is one of the problems, she won’t fuck herself for money.  If you remember Manyvids ran the same scam with Farrah Abraham and caused thousands to want their money back. Is this the new normal? I hope not. The mainstream media has moved on to Bella's new Netflix movie release and has forget about sex workers. 

In reality, Bella Thorne is allowed to post her pictures and charge how much she wants but, because fans were mad, they complained and wanted their money back. Onlyfans then took it upon themselves to change the PPV limit from $500 to only $50. Now that's a big problem. Models, sex workers, and entertainers have been making their money this way and now they are unable to monetize off their products and to be able to sustain a decent life and pay bills. “Lot’s of sex workers have children to feed”, said one of the provoked sex workers who tweeted Bella. 
Because of the backlash and provoked anger, Bella released a meaningless apology, as do most fake influencers do these days, stating she did it to help sex workers and then went on to say she has produced porn against her piers wishes and that it’s hurting her career. The impuissant apology is more centered around how privileged and great she is than it is saying she ruined income for those who are dedicated platform workers which sparked even more outrage. Sex workers then started posting screenshots of Belle Thorne's sister bullying sex workers in comments. One tweeter stated, “if you want to help sex workers and the stigma start with your family.” Damn! 
At the end of the day, sex workers can be upset as they should be, but as usual, another privileged Disney star has selfishly ruined entertainment and income for the essential workers of the internet. How will this affect the future of onlyfans? Will sex workers move to a new platform? Will Bella Thorne admit she was paid by MFC to promote? Did she do this out of spite because sex workers were making more than her? Does Belle Thorn have to Refund the Money she made? We will bring you updates as the story unfolds. 
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