Liv wanders the hills of California and loves to party.  When she was a youngin’ she moved from her home state of Oregon to Los Angeles with her family.  In SolCal she found a place to do her art and modeling. This stunning model takes pride in her health and is also fitted with a background in Martial Arts. As she explained to me how she got that tempting figure, she stated she knows how to handle herself in and out of the bedroom.  Staying active is only one of Liv’s hobbies. In a conversation, we had about movies, she said: “I’ve also thought of myself as a Novelist and love going to raves”.

Her solo career has really taken off as well as Liv shooting for countless mainstream adult productions. Her website has an immense following due to the fact she is not only entertaining but she is consistent with her content making.  But don't take our words for it alone, you will have to check her website and see for yourself. Sponsored By Galaxy Publicity
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